Welcome to the 6th German Christmas Market in Broadmead part of Bristol Shopping Quarter from 7 November - 22 December 2014 Open from Monday - Saturday 10am – 7pm , Sundays 10am to 6pm.

The 38 traditional chalets decorated with festive greenery and colourful lights, the Christmas nativity Pyramid, giant advent calendar and beer gardens combine to create a festive atmosphere in the heart of the city centre shopping area.

This year's Entertainer is Der Alpen Klaus. Klaus does a lot of Entertaining at the Munich Beer festival and similar events all over the country. But he not only delivers Bavarian style music he also does his own versions of popular music. For the Xmas market he will deliver a lot of Xmas style music on top of ´his repertoire with consist of over 500 titles.

Visitors are invited to wander around and will find traditional German Christmas decorations, lights, nativity scenes and gifts, including wooden toys, baskets, soaps, lamps and amber jewellery. Delicious festive food and drink is on offer including the now famous gluhvein, bratwurst, waffles, liquorice, stollen cake, gingerbread hearts and candied fruit.